Executive Skills

Executive Skills Training Programs

Experiential Projects


A Startup Project prepares students to work in teams and participate in international workplaces. It is designed to increase participant’s English communication and business research skills, intercultural experience and technical knowledge. Through experiential learning and practical hands-on business projects, Collaborative Projects integrate communication, teamwork and technology to enhance student’s ability to:

1. Communicate with native and non-native English speakers
2. Work in and manage multicultural project teams
3. Utilize technology to conduct business internationally

Methodology: Venture Projects

AP provides facilities and funding to implement training and manage business projects. Projects utilize business operation methods including agendas, group training and project meetings manage each session.  Participants work in small teams consisting of students and international teaches in areas including: 

  • Education – Promote materials, courses and seminars domestically and internationally
  • Languages – Offer services in English and other Languages
  • Cultural Exchange – Promote cultural exchange activities and events domestically and internationally
  • Human Resources – Support career and academic development domestically and internationally
  • Web Publishing – Create text & audio/video content for web publishing / Develop and Maintain websites 
  • Import/Export – Purchase, Market, Sell, and Ship Products Globally
  • Investment – Acquisition and Management of assets domestically and internationally

Skill Outcomes:

Problem-Solving Skills 
Human Relations Skills 
Teaching-Training Skill 
Money Management Skills 
Information Management Skills
Foreign Language Skills 
Business Management Skills
Science and Math Skills
Vocational-Technical Skills
Computer Programming Skills 

Group Sessions  2 Hours (Including Breaks)

Planning: Review Previous Session and Preview Agenda 10 minutes
Training : Demonstrate and Practice Training Focus 50 minutes
Discussion : Deliver Reports and Discuss Agenda Items 50 minutes 
Decision : Summarize and Confirm Action Plan 10 minutes

Alumni Association

• Connect with classmates, alumni and supporters
• Opportunities for professional development and leadership positions
• A range of events including social gatherings, professional development workshops, and guest speakers from among Tokyo’s business leaders.


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