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Experience the power of effective PR and promotion with our expert services. We are dedicated to elevating your brand’s presence and driving meaningful engagement. Our skilled team of professionals understands the nuances of public relations and leverages their expertise to craft compelling campaigns that generate buzz and capture attention. From media relations to influencer partnerships, event management to brand positioning, we have the knowledge and industry connections to deliver exceptional results. Let us amplify your message, enhance your brand image, and create a lasting impact. Partner with us for a strategic PR and promotion approach that propels your business forward.

Outline of Services:

  • Media Relations
    1. Press Release Creation and Distribution
    2. Media Outreach and Pitching
    3. Press Conference Organization
  • Crisis Management
    1. Reputation Assessment and Monitoring
    2. Crisis Communication Planning
    3. Rapid Response and Damage Control
  •  Social Media Management for Campaigns/Awareness
    1. Social Media Strategy Development
    2. Content Creation and Scheduling
    3. Community Engagement and Monitoring
  • Branding and Messaging
    1. Brand Strategy Development
    2. Message Crafting and Positioning
    3. Brand Consistency Monitoring
  • Event Management
    1. Event Planning and Coordination
    2. Media and Influencer Outreach
    3. Event Coverage and Post-Event PR




1. プレスリリースの作成と配信
2. メディアへの働きかけとピッチング
3. 記者会見の開催

1. 評判の評価とモニタリング
3. 迅速な対応とダメージコントロール

1. ソーシャルメディア戦略の策定
2. コンテンツの作成とスケジューリング
3. コミュニティ・エンゲージメントとモニタリング

1. ブランド戦略の策定
2. メッセージ作成とポジショニング
3. ブランド一貫性のモニタリング

1. イベントプランニングとコーディネーション
2. メディアとインフルエンサーのアウトリーチ
3. イベント取材と事後PR

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