Investor Relations

Executive Summary
Our business plan was inspired by Thom Peace and developed in collaboration with the Aoyama Professionals Team


Aoyama Professionals (AP) was founded in 2020 with the main aim of providing high-quality international training programs and services for business professionals and owners in Japan.

Business Professionals in Japan are looking for more practical methods of improving International Workplace Skills to improve opportunities for working and studying in an international environment.

Our solution
Our program combines simultaneous practical training communication, business, technology, and career skills to accelerate goal achievement.

Target market
The target audience is professionals in Japan, specifically mid-career employees who wish to advance their careers and entrepreneurs who aim to grow their business.

The competition
Aoyama Professionals is part of a niche market of training firms of all sizes. Small firms that target individuals will be our initial competition. As we grow, large companies include Berlitz, which target companies and individuals will become our competition as well.

Revenue streams
AP generates income through 1) Fees from students for coaching sessions, 2) Fees and Profit Sharing from project sponsors for use of the facilities and team resources, 3) Fees from clients for professional services provided by our team and partners.

Marketing activities
AP will communicate with customers with targeted ads on Google and social media, in person at networking events and direct email.

·   Rent, Utilities and Supplies for Office & Training Space
·   Equipment and Software for education and media production
·   Salary and Wages for Key Managers and Staff

Team and key roles
The team includes our Founders and Managers, Thom Peace and Lloyd Peace, who have over 30 years of experience in business management, Education and entrepreneurial solutions in Japan. Our Coaches, Trainers and Advisors include Tim Coomber, Barry Natush, Kiyoshi Matsuhara, Beryl Hawkins, Cecil Burton, Sheryl Bridgewater and Milo Parsons. Are all highly accomplished in education and their specialised fields.

The greatest risks associated with our business are companies developing and marketing similar business models. In addition, innovative technology products in education and communication may increase the options students have for international training. We must be prepared for such competition with market and strategic planning.

– Sign-up 20 Students
– Generate first income from Internal Projects
– Generate first income for External Clients

Financial Highlights
We are seeking $25,000 which will enable us to establish our brand and solidify our infrastructure by paying for Office Rental Fees, Outsourcing Staff and Marketing Activities. We expect to provide an exit within 5 years with an 10% rate of return to investors. 

Use of Funds
Expenses (3 Months April 2021 ~ June 2021)
Capital ExpenditureCost
Marketing (Planning, Websites & Promotions)$7,500
Equipment (Content Creation & Administration)$1,300
Professional Services (Legal, Accounting & Business)$3,000
Office Rent$6,600
Insurance (General liability and Property)$600
Staff (Virtual & Office Assistants)$5,000
Cash reserve (Misc. expenses)$1,000
Total Startup Expenses$25,000
Owner’s Investment (Prior investment of $25,000 in FY 2020)$0
Investors’ Funding (for Q2 FY 2021)$25,000