Book Promotion Video

On-set, interviewing author Tetsuo Sawada about his book

Want to promote your book?

Book review videos are similar to mini-documentaries, where we interview the author about their thoughts related to the book, and, if the book was written a while ago, their current feelings about the standing of the book.

We format these videos for use on marketing websites such as Amazon, but the format can also be utilized on YouTube and Instagram. This is an open-ended project, focused on the message the author wishes to convey to potential readers, and as such, what we film together can also be broken down into smaller clips for short previews on Instagram and Facebook advertising.

PRICES: Starting at ¥70,000

Case Project:
Japan’s Direction, the World’s Direction
This book was written by Professor Tetsuya Sawada in the 1970s and garnered great praise from world leaders in Japan and beyond, however, it was not officially translated until 2021. With Professor Sawada participating in the Olympic Torch Relay for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we traveled to Ishinomaki, Japan, to interview Professor Sawada about his book and the message he has for the world, even today.