Bookkeeper and Tax Consultant

Price List for Individuals

¥ 30,000 ~
We will customize according to the situation.

Price List for Corporations (GK & KK)

The following prices are reference values.
We will customize according to the situation.

Annual incomeYear-end services
~ 10 million\100,000+tax
10 million yen – 30 million yen\120,000+tax
30 million yen – 50 million yen\150,000+tax
50 million yen – 100 million yen\200,000+tax
more than the aboveplease ask
TransactionsMonthly services
~100 transactions\10,000+tax
~500 transactions\30,000+tax
~1000 transactions\50,000+tax
more than the aboveplease ask
  1. Year-end services
    Book-closing and tax returns
     Depends on annual income ※1

The following are options.

  1. Monthly services
     ⅰ. Bookkeeping agency
     Depends on the number of transactions ※2  ⅱ. Monthly trial balance creation, consulting(includes bookkeeping agency)
       ¥ 10,000 + tax ~/month

3. Year-end adjustment for employee services
Income tax adjustment for employee and create of the salary payment report
Submission of salary payment report to municipalities
   ¥ 10,000 + tax ~

4. Payroll services
   ¥ 5,000 + tax ~/month
  (a)  Pay slip for the employees
  (b)  Payroll summary list by employee for company
  (c)  Breakdown of social insurance premium (company’s share / employees’ share)
  (d)  Breakdown of labour insurance premiums (company’s share / employees’ share)
  (e)  Pay-in-slip of national withholding income tax (for tax payment purpose)
  (f)   Pay-in-slip of local withholding inhabitant tax (for tax payment purpose)
  (g)  The above services also apply to any bonus payment

  1. Other services
     ⅰ. Handling of all inspections and enquiries by the tax office
       ¥ 30,000 + tax /day for tax investigation
     ⅱ. Amending tax return about the tax investigation
      ¥ 50,000 + tax ~ /once of tax return

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