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Unlocking the Japanese Market: Your Path to Success

Are you a foreign company aspiring to conquer the immense potential of the Japanese market? Your journey starts here. Our dedicated experts, backed by a proven track record of guiding foreign companies to success in Japan, offer you the indispensable independent guidance you need. With unparalleled experience across diverse business domains, including research, marketing & sales, accounting, and strategic planning, we pave the way for your triumphant establishment in Japan.

Exploring Business Opportunities in Japan: Your Bridge to Success

Connecting Your Business to the Heart of Japan

An Insight into Our Representative Services


As you seek to expand your business horizons into the dynamic and lucrative Japanese market, our comprehensive representative services stand ready to guide your path to success. With an emphasis on strategic networking, direct investment opportunities, and nurturing lasting relationships, we are dedicated to propelling your business growth. This presentation outlines the key aspects of our service, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how we can assist your journey.

Our Approach

At the core of our service is a proactive approach to business partnerships. We utilize a diverse range of methods to identify and engage potential partners, drawing on insights from public, private, and voluntary sectors. Our techniques include:

  • Internet Connections: Leveraging online resources to gather market intelligence and identify prospective partners.
  • Personal Outreach: Conducting interviews via phone and email to establish direct communication.
  • Face-to-Face Engagement: Attending trade shows, conferences, fairs, and expos to establish meaningful connections.

Key Activities

Our services are strategically designed to foster your business expansion:

  • Direct Investment Opportunities: We initiate contact with organizations and individuals interested in direct investment within the U.S., cultivating connections through participation in relevant conferences and events.
  • Relationship Management: Maintaining an updated database of contacts, we nurture ongoing relationships through regular communication and visits, ensuring sustained support for your partnerships.
  • Sister City Relationships: Facilitating connections between cities and counties in your state and Japan’s prefectures to promote cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Quarterly Reports: Providing comprehensive reports detailing our activities and outcomes, ensuring transparency and alignment with your goals.
  • Tailored Proposals: Crafting proposals that align with your objectives, exceeding expectations and driving profitability.
  • Business Trip Assistance: Creating detailed itineraries for your visits to Japan, arranging interpreters and conference facilities if needed.

Service Fees and Benefits

We prioritize your needs and budget, ensuring our services are tailored to your specific requirements. We provide free estimates upon request, and the minimum annual fee for our comprehensive services is 480,000 JPY (subject to discussion). Your satisfaction and success are our primary goals.

Our Location in Tokyo:

Our Tokyo office, is strategically located in Omotesando, Kita-Aoyama. Equipped with essential amenities, It also boost studio production equipment and staff to market and grow your business in Japan.

  • Video: Film shooting, editing and all pre and post prodcution capabities
  • Photography: Photo shooting and editing for portraits and products
  • Media: Publishing on Social and Traditional media

Our Location in Osaka:

Our central office, spanning 225 square feet, is strategically located in Osaka City. Equipped with essential amenities such as phone, fax, copy machines, and broadband Internet, it is conveniently situated near essential facilities:

  • Accessibility: A mere minute’s walk to the post office, three minutes to the city library, and a brief three minutes to the subway station.
  • City Connectivity: A quick 3-minute ride on the Osaka City Metro takes you to the city downtown, while major destinations like Kansai International Airport, Kobe City, and Kyoto City are within easy reach.
  • National and Global Reach: Our proximity to Kansai International Airport allows quick access to Tokyo, the nation’s capital, in just 65 minutes by air.

As you embark on your journey into the Japanese market, our representative services promise not only expertise but also dedication. We stand as your partner, committed to crafting opportunities and connections that lead to your business triumph. Feel free to share your thoughts and desires for your expansion into Japan markets, and let us be the catalyst for your growth.


Global Outreach: Elevating Japanese Businesses Worldwide

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, small and medium-sized Japanese enterprises are venturing beyond borders to fuel their growth. Drawing upon the expertise that has propelled foreign companies into Japan, we extend our proficiency to empower Japanese businesses on the international stage. Communicating fluently in both Japanese domestically and English in global markets, we provide our clients with the optimal advantage for penetrating their chosen markets.

Seamless Startup Ventures in Japan

Embarking on a startup journey in Japan can be a daunting and resource-intensive endeavor. For ambitious entrepreneurs entering this dynamic market, every moment and every resource matters. We understand that time and financial efficiency are paramount. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned entrepreneur, we guide you towards the most effective business structure and connect you with professionals who can bring your vision to life.

Operations, IT and Administration Services:

Translation & Interpretation
Project Management
Bookkeeping & Tax Accounting

Immigration & Corporate Law

Sales & Customer Relations Management

Angel Investment Consulting

Bilingual Assistants & Receptionists

Co-Working , Meeting & Studio Production Space


Marketing, PR and Promotion Services:

Social Media Marketing
Video Production
Demo Reel Videos
Proofreading & Publishing
Voice over & Subtitling
Music & Audio Production
Audiobook Creation
Event Management
Make-up & Styling
Podcast Audio and Video

Aoyama Professionals delivering services from its Tokyo Office located near Omotesando Station in Kita-Aoyama.